Supplements to Support Oral Health

Supplements to Support Oral Health

Having a healthy mouth is important at all stages in life. In addition to brushing and flossing daily and eating right, taking supplements can give your teeth and gums a boost toward supporting oral health. You didn’t know that there are vitamins you can take for your teeth? Some may already be part of your good health regimen. Read on and reap the benefits!

Vitamin C: It’s not just for preventing colds! This super nutrient builds collagen, which helps keep your teeth attached to your gums. So if your gums are already receding, you should consider taking this nutrient now! The Journal of Periodontology has reported that taking 180 mg daily lessens your risk of developing gum disease.

How Can A Fatty Acid Support My Oral Health?

Omega-3 fatty acids:  Everyone has heard of these acids, and you may even be taking them.  But do you know that your mouth benefits every time you do? Studies have shown that people with a low fatty acid intake have almost twice the incidence ratio for periodontal disease. The omegas have anti-inflammatory properties as well. This reduces the chances of developing weak, swollen gums and weak teeth. 

Probiotics and Prebiotics: Prebiotics set the stage for probiotics to get the job done. Prebiotics aid and boost immunity in the mouth. Probiotics then work to support oral health by maintaining healthy bacterial levels and to suppress bad bacteria which produce halitosis, inflammation and plaque.

Can I Just Drink Milk to Support My Oral Health?

Calcium and Vitamin D:  Any supplement that supports healthy bones also supports oral health and the strength of your teeth. Did you know that calcium is a mineral that is found in your jawbone? Up to age 49 you’ll need 1,000 mg of calcium daily, suggests the World Health Organization (WHO). After age 50 1,200 mg daily is recommended to maintain jawbone health. Calcium is often paired with Vitamin D which your body requires to process and absorb the calcium it needs. The WHO advises that a minimum of 400 mg of Vitamin D is needed daily to support oral health. The average glass of whole milk has about 60 mg of calcium and vitamin D. That is a lot of milk to drink to reach your daily minimum dosage so it may be cheaper and easier to take these very important supplements instead!

CoQ10: It is possible that we saved the best for last. Consider chewing a 60 mg supplement, the recommended dose, daily. Its antioxidants will help maintain soft gum tissues. While not confirmed, there is also the possibility that taking CoQ10 shrinks the pockets created by gum disease.

To find out which supplements may be best in supporting your daily dental regime, make sure you speak with a trusted dentist first. Before making your next dental appointment, check out the benefits of an EDP Dental Plan. It’s a discount dental plan that can reduce your dental care costs by up to 70%. Call 631.272.5230 to find out more, or register online today.

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