Is it Possible to Over-Brush? How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Is it Possible to Over-Brush

It is a common question for dentists: How often should one brush their teeth? Actually, according to the American Dental Association (ADA) it is not the number of times you brush, but how you brush that matters to maintain your dental health. So gentle brushing more than twice a day may not cause dental problems, however, based on an individual’s brushing technique and the state of one’s toothbrush, over-brushing even once a day is too much. 

Here’s why:

It may not be you; it may be how your toothbrush has been designed. Toothbrushes used to have bristles all one length. Then tapered ends became popular to remove more food debris while brushing. In recent years brush heads may have bristles of many different sizes with each manufacturer proclaiming the value of their particular model towards maintaining your oral health.

How Often You Should Brush Your Teeth Is Up To You, Just Brush With Care

When a toothbrush is manufactured, the edges of the cut bristles are rounded and made soft and safe for dentin, or tooth enamel. Over time, with applied pressure, these bristles become sharp and serrated and may be harmful to enamel. This is especially true if you have been eating acidic foods just prior to brushing as the acid helps to break down tooth enamel. An abrasive toothbrush must be thrown away before it can cause permanent damage.

Those concerned about how often they should brush their teeth should consider how they are brushing. Are you applying heavy pressure when you brush? Are you bending the bristles in an attempt to remove more food particles and avoid flossing? Don’t. The sawing motion is damaging your toothbrush and possibly your teeth. Ease up, slow down and do not forget to floss!

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