Renewing your EDP Dental Plan is easy! Just select your desired plan below.

Monthly: $14*
Yearly: $149

Renew Single Plan

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Monthly: $20*
Yearly: $199

Renew Couple Plan

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Monthly: $24*
Yearly: $249

Renew Family Plan

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*The monthly payment option requires a one year minimum contract.

Welcome back! We’ve made it quick and effortless to renew your current dental plan, or change your existing plan as your needs evolve. To begin, please fill in the required information on the dental plan renewal form and choose the payment schedule (monthly or annual) that best suits your budget.

Renew your dental plan and you’ll continue to get great discounts like 60% off a routine 6 month check-up, 50% off full mouth x-rays and 40% off adult cleanings. Virtually any procedure from a simple diagnostic oral evaluation to a permanent restoration offers great savings when you renew your dental plan. All EDP Dental Plans may also be upgraded with a RX/Vision plan for a payment of just $75 per year, or $7 per month.

Whether you are renewing your individual plan, couple plan, or family plan, our reduced-fee-for-service program has none of the inconveniences of conventional dental insurance, as you know. That means absolutely no lengthy claim forms, costly deductibles, inconvenient waiting periods, benefit limits, exclusions or age limits. There really are no restrictions! In addition, you can keep your current dentist, or see another dentist within our network of over 2,000 pre-screened general dentists and specialists, guaranteed to provide the highest level of professional care for our customers. Pay less and enjoy greater flexibility from dentists you can trust.

Enroll with EDP online by clicking one of the ‘Renew’ buttons above. Should you desire additional information about renewing your dental plan, please call an EDP Dental Plan membership specialist at 1-800-777-1085 to ask a question or to get started.

If you have further questions about dental plan renewal, we have the answers. Please review our FAQ.

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