EDP Dental Plan Saves Members Up To 60%

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See What Our Members Are SayingThis Fee Schedule applies only to services performed by a participating EDP General Dentist, NOT SPECIALISTS.

Any treatment provided by a participating specialist, (Oral Surgeon, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Pedodontist, Endodontist, or Prosthodontist) will be charged at a 25% reduction of participating specialist’s regular fees for that particular case.

When it comes to spending less for quality dental care, EDP is a leading dental plan, delivering savings up to 50% on practically every dental procedure. EDP Dental Plan is NOT insurance, but instead a ‘reduced-fee-for-service’ program where members pay a specified fee for the dental services they receive. With EDP, dental services cost an average of 50% off dentists’ standard fees. And there are none of the hassles and inconveniences of conventional dental insurance, like deductibles, waiting periods, or restrictions. Just guaranteed discounts of up to 60% everytime. That’s what makes EDP Dental Plan a top discount dental plan, and why we’re growing in popularity every day!

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