Protective Mouth Guards for Athletes

Protective Mouth Guards for Athletes

Professional athletes would not leave the locker room without them, even race car drivers consider them an important part of their uniform.  What protective gear is this?  Mouth guards. Mouth guards should be worn by everyone at every age who participates in contact sports.  These include wrestling, boxing, lacrosse, basketball, field and ice hockey, football, soccer and baseball. While professional players are required to wear mouth guards, many student athletes are not. Even parents may be overlooking this important piece of safety equipment when sending their children out to play or practice skateboarding, mountain biking, even martial arts training.

Should Mouth Guards Come from My Dentist or the Sporting Goods Store?

There are several sources for mouth guards available to consumers: custom made in a dental lab or mass-marketed brands available at a sporting goods retailer. These vary in price and comfort; while custom guards are considered to be the best option, others may be effective if they fit well, are worn properly and remain securely in place. A mouth guard should be made of material that is tear-resistant and covers the upper teeth comfortably when the wearer’s mouth is closed. Based on the activity and the level of sporting activity, be sure to consult your dentist or orthodontist to ensure the mouth guard is the correct thickness and will provide adequate protection.

Before enrolling your child on a team or joining that pick-up basketball league, consult your dentist about this important piece of athletic equipment. Don’t have a dentist? Don’t delay; protect your teeth and enroll in EDP Dental Plan today. Just search for a participating dentist, browse through our membership plans and fees, and sign up online or call 631-272-5230 to speak with an EDP representative.

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