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We’ve made it quick and easy for new members to enroll in their dental plan. Whether you’re signing up for our individual, couple, or family plan, just click the corresponding ‘Join Now!’ button, fill in the required information and pick the payment schedule (either monthly or annual) that best suits you. And that’s it – welcome to EDP Dental Plan!

You are eligible to begin using your plan the day you sign up. While you wait for your membership kit to arrive in the mail (usually between 7 to 10 business days), you will be able to use a printed copy of your ID card, which will be emailed to you immediately after enrolling. Using your ID card, you’ll be able to save on a range of dental procedures from EDP’s large network of dentists and dental specialists in your area. Discounts on everything from routine check-ups and teeth cleanings to critical oral surgeries are available to everyone enrolled in EDP Dental Plan. Sign up today and you’ll receive professional dental services from experienced oral health providers, and unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

At EDP Dental Plan, we are committed to providing simple, inexpensive and effective dental care. And our comprehensive plan frequently pays for itself on the very first appointment! Should you require additional dental plan enrollment information, please contact us or call 1-800-777-1085 and our knowledgeable service representatives will be glad to help.

Do you have further questions? You can also find answers in our FAQ.

Please note:

All new dental plan enrollments require a one-time, non-refundable $19 registration fee. The monthly payment options require a one year minimum contract.

EDP Dental Plans provides affordable dental care programs and are available nationwide. If you do not see a provider in your area, please visit our sister site at www.avsdental.com or call today to speak to our client services representatives at 1-800-777-1085.

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