Author: EDP Dental

5 Things to Ask a New Dentist on Your First Visit

Going to your first dental visit with a brand new care provider means you’ll be exposed to a whole new set of procedures, preferences, and personalities at their office. So what can you do to make this change a seamless one while acquiring useful knowledge that will help you get the best care possible? Ask questions! Here are some useful questions to ask at your first dentist visit with your new dental care provider.

Dental Plans vs. Dental Insurance, What’s the Difference?

Most likely your company offers dental insurance along with your medical insurance, and if you’re like most others in need of dental care, you’ll sign up for it. But dental insurance is rife with all of the pitfalls that medical insurance is: expensive annual deductibles, lengthy waiting periods, tiresome claim forms, restrictive exclusions, and higher associated costs (paying your co-pay, paying bi-weekly for coverage, and then paying for that which is not covered.)

Finding an Affordable Dental Plan?

When searching for affordable dental coverage, you’ll want to first understand the difference between a dental plan and a dental insurance program; each one has its own benefits. The popular web resource, Lifehacker, reviewed both types of dental coverage. They concluded that: “In the final analysis, experts say the new [dental plan] companies might be worth a look.