Finding an Affordable Dental Plan?

affordable dental plan

When searching for affordable dental coverage, you’ll want to first understand the difference between a dental plan and a dental insurance program; each one has its own benefits.  The popular web resource, Lifehacker, reviewed both types of dental coverage. They concluded that: “In the final analysis, experts say the new [dental plan] companies might be worth a look. With regular dental coverage, it’s usually impossible to get back more than the cost of the premiums (because of co-pays and maximum annual reimbursements). In that sense, dental insurance is a form of pre-payment. But rather than gamble on how much coverage you might need, or wait to get all your work done, a discount plan may be a better option.” 

Discount dental plans allow you to save money by having you pay only for the dental care that you need at lower prices.

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EDP provides affordable dental plans in New York that provide a bevy of features to those in need of dental care and preventative maintenance.  Learn how you can save up to 70% with EDP using this savings chart.  Ready to enroll?  Click here or Contact EDP at:

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See What Our Members Are Saying