Oral Health Specialists

oral health

In addition to general dental care professionals, the field has many specialists dedicated to restoring and preserving your oral health.   Here is a list of the many different types of dental specialists, and a description of their expertise. 

Endodontists primarily concentrate on preserving the health of tissues surrounding a tooth’s root and nerve-rich tooth pulp.

General dentists are tooth care educators who provide basic oral health maintenance treatments.

Maxillofacial specialists offer surgical treatments that correct damage due to disease, defects and injuries.

Oral surgeons provide surgical treatment and ongoing maintenance for the mouth, head, gums, teeth, neck and jaws.

Orthodontists provide treatment to correct the alignment of one’s teeth and jaw.

Pediatric dentists focus on childhood tooth, mouth and jaw development, disease prevention and its management.

Periodontists help patients keep the supporting foundation of their teeth’s structure healthy.

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Prosthodontists observe missing or deficient teeth and/or surrounding tissue problems that may require the installation of prosthetic teeth to restore oral health.

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