What Is a Mouth Guard? When Is It Used?

mouth guards

A mouth guard is a specially shaped piece of soft material that covers the teeth and gums. It is used to protect the mouth from injury. If you participate in any activity that carries a risk of blows to the face or falling, you’ll need to wear one. There are various types of mouth guards designed to suit the user.

Types of Mouth Guards

The first type of guard is the preformed guard, which is bought off the shelf at your local sporting goods store. The second type is also purchased ready-made but allows the wearer to get a more customized fit. The guard is placed in hot water and then the softened material is put into the mouth and shaped to the teeth as it cools.

The third type of mouth protector is the custom protector. These are professionally made to order and are a bigger investment than store-bought versions. However, if you participate in physical activities regularly, a custom mouth guard is worth the higher price tag.

The Sports Mouth Guard

In many sports and other physical activities, mouth protectors are worn to reduce damage from blows to the face or falls. A well-fitted guard can prevent cracked, chipped, broken, or lost teeth, soft tissue injuries, and nerve damage.

Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

People who are diagnosed with teeth grinding, or bruxism, are often fitted with a mouth guard for sleep. This guard reduces the damage that might be caused by rubbing the teeth together forcefully.

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