5 Things You Should Not Eat if You Have Dental Fillings

things you should not eat

Today’s fillings are a vast improvement over the cavity remedies of the past. However, filled teeth are more vulnerable than natural teeth. Care must be taken to prevent damage to fillings. Here are five things that people who have dental fillings should avoid consuming.


Soft, sticky treats can adhere to filling material and actually pull it free from the tooth. It’s best to limit your intake of caramels, taffy, licorice, and other similar substances. Hard candies are a good sweet substitute, but only if you don’t chew them. Luckily, dark chocolate is a safe indulgence.


Dental restorations are also vulnerable to gooey gum. Try switching to sugar-free mints instead. If you can’t give up gum, switch to a brand that doesn’t stick to dental work.

Beef Jerky

Like soft candies and gum, jerky is sticky enough to loosen dental fillings. Proceed with caution, but jerky is best avoided altogether. Try to find another savory, satisfying snack.

Corn on the Cob

The vigorous biting required to get corn off the cob can damage fillings. You can safely enjoy fresh summer corn by shaving it off the cob and eating it loose.

Food and Drink That Stains Dental Fillings

If you have white composite fillings, these can become stained, just like natural teeth. It’s best to avoid coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and dark berries. Instead, opt for lighter-colored drinks and fruits.

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