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Discount Dental Plans That Cover All Specialties

The best dental plans in NY should pay for themselves and give members access to a variety of dental health care providers, not just general dentists. Unlike our competitors, EDP’s NY dental plans offer access to a wide variety of dental specialties:

Dental Health Care Providers Covered Under Discount Dental Plans

General dentists are educators of proper tooth care and providers of routine oral treatments. They carry out examinations, take x-rays and provide some dental specialty procedures such as tooth extraction. They also have a limited ability to prescribe medications to patients.

Pediatric dentists are general dentists who specialize in the care of young persons. They will typically see children from birth to adolescence, while the jaw, teeth and mouth are undergoing significant growth and changes. This dental discipline focuses on growth and management of these areas and often employs the use of child psychology in order to make a child’s visit as pleasant as possible.

Periodontists deal with the supporting foundation of a tooth’s structure. They also treat the diseases and conditions that affect gum tissue and oral bone structures.

Prosthodontists treat patients who are in need of the restoration and replacement of teeth or implants or prosthetic teeth. Maxillofacial prosthetics is a sub-specialty of this profession.

Maxillofacial specialists treat ailments involving the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws and neck that are caused by diseases and defects as well as injuries caused by physical trauma. This is accomplished with surgical procedures such as bone grafts, wisdom teeth extraction, corrective teeth and jaw procedures, and dental implants, among others.

Endodontists primarily treat the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth and nerve-rich tooth pulp which is crucial to a tooth’s health. These procedures are vital for patients who have cracked teeth, or diseased or injured tooth pulp.

Oral surgeons are responsible for providing diagnoses, surgical procedures, and ongoing maintenance for the neck, head, mouth, teeth, gums and jaw. They engage in facial reconstruction, cleft lip or palette correction, bone grafting, impacted teeth, cyst and tumor excision, jaw mobility surgery, and more.

Orthodontists deal with the growth and adjustment of the teeth, jaw, mouth and face. Procedures may be carried out purely for aesthetic reasons, but are also known to be utilized for medical reasons. Orthodontists will most often use braces and retainers in order to set a patient’s teeth correctly. Coverage for braces is especially important as it is normally categorized by dental insurance as unnecessary, and therefore, not covered. Braces will be covered with EDP’s discount dental plans.

Types of EDP Dental Plans in NY

EDP’s payment plans are just $99 per year for individuals, $179 for couples and $199 for families. Low-priced monthly plans are $10 for individuals, $18 for couples and $20 for families. Please note that each of these discount dental plans will require a one-time registration fee of $19. Monthly plans will require a minimum one-year commitment. All discount dental plans can be upgraded with a RX/Vision component for only $7/month.

EDP also has a nationwide plan available for those residing outside of New York State. keydentalplans.com.

Enroll with EDP using the provided link or please phone one of our knowledgeable, customer service representatives at 1-800-777-1085. Sign up for the best dental plans in NY today and experience true flexibility and affordability.

Benefits & Frequently Asked Dental Plan Questions


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