Reasons to Avoid Cheap Dental Insurance

No matter how appealing cheap dental insurance may seem at first, it can quickly take up time, energy and impact one’s wallet. Cheap dental insurance often translates into cheap dental services such as extended waiting periods, unnecessary claim forms, unreasonable exclusions, limited access to quality dental specialists, and higher associated costs (co-pays and bi-weekly pay check deductions, plus gaps in coverage.) Cheap dental insurance may also mean increased premiums without increased benefits.

Trade in cheap dental insurance for low-cost dental plans.

High levels of customization, excellent support services, and low prices are the foundation of quality dental plans. With EDP, members receive dependable, flexible dental care from a full line of dental professionals – with guaranteed discounts every time. EDP helps members achieve significant savings on their oral care bills for just a fraction of what they would normally pay.

Inexpensive dental plans are not the same as cheap dental insurance; with EDP, members pay a specified, pre-determined fee for dental services. So there are no inconveniences, no restrictions and no regrets – just guaranteed discounts. There are thousands of pre-screened, highly qualified dentists and specialists in the EDP Dental Plan network, so it’s possible your current dentist already accepts the EDP Dental Plan. Or, choose a new dental care professional from our network of highly trained and pre-screened dentists.

If you have questions about cheap dental insurance versus dental plans, we have the answers.

Choose the best discount dental plan, EDP, and enroll on our website today to receive inexpensive, effective dental care from your participating dental care provider. If you have questions, review our FAQ, submit your question using our brief contact form or call one of our helpful customer service representatives at 1-800-777-1085.

EDP Dental Plans provides affordable dental care programs and are available nationwide. If you do not see a provider in your area, please visit our sister site at

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