Dry Mouth: Causes and Prevention

Dry Mouth Causes and Treatment Options

Do you ever feel as though your mouth is not making enough saliva to swallow or speak easily?  Nearly everyone has experienced this unusual sensation. However for those who experience dry mouth frequently, the condition may be a symptom of other health issues.

Dry Mouth Causes and What to Do About It

  • Occasional dry mouth causes may be traced to fluctuations in emotions: nervousness, upset or stressful conditions. The dry mouth condition will pass when the underlying issue is resolved.
  • Frequent dry mouth causes may be more serious and require medical intervention. Dental health may be compromised by a lack of saliva, as saliva prevents oral infections by controlling bacteria in the mouth.
  • Frequent causes of dry mouth are the side effects of prescription medications. More than 400 medicines cause the salivary glands to cease functioning. Blood pressure and antidepressive medicines often cause dry mouth.
  • Diseases: HIV/AIDS and diabetes are known to contribute to dry mouth.
  • Cancer Treatments: Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can affect salivary gland function temporarily or even permanently.

For most of us, dry mouth is a temporary condition that can be remedied through a visit to your dentist or doctor. Some practitioners will recommend that you change your medication or will prescribe artificial saliva to ensure that your oral health is preserved.  If you do not have dental insurance, EDP Dental Plans could be a great alternative. Our discounted dental plans are a great way to save money on routine dental appointments as well as seeing dental specialists.  Call and speak to one of our representatives today: 631.272.5230!

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