Wisdom Teeth: Should They Stay or Go?

Wisdom Teeth -  Should They Stay or Go

Imagine that you’re having your routine dental cleaning and your dentist mentions that your wisdom teeth are growing in. Don’t panic. Erupting wisdom teeth is typical for teenagers and adults ages seventeen to twenty-five, and is considered somewhat of a rite of passage. And believe it or not, removing wisdom teeth is not always necessary. Having the “wisdom” to know the difference is important – an EDP dental provider can help.

Your dentist will take X-rays to determine whether your wisdom teeth are cause for concern and whether or not they will cause problems in the future. If they are healthy, fully grown and positioned correctly, there is usually no need to remove them, but there are exceptions.

Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary if you experience:

  • Persistent pain, jaw stiffness or irritation
  • Reddish or bleeding gums or bad breath
  • Chewing issues or constant headaches
  • Infection, extensive tooth decay or gum disease
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Cysts, legions or tumors

Recovery Time after Removal

Recovery from a tooth extraction usually takes approximately five to seven days, with total healing of the gums at about three to four weeks. Pain medication or over-the-counter remedies are often prescribed to ease postoperative discomfort.

Your general dentist will advise when it may be time to consult with an oral surgeon or endodontist to discuss the possibility of removing your wisdom teeth. When you enroll with EDP Dental, you save up to 25% off specialist’s fees, including tooth extractions. Enroll now or call to speak with a courteous customer service representative toll free at 1.877.327.8376.

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