Why You Need to Brush Your Tongue

Are You Brushing Your Tongue Everyday

Brushing your tongue is an underutilized dental practice that will likely alleviate any bad breath issues and lead to even better dental checkups. The importance of brushing one’s tongue is overlooked by most of us for one reason or another: either it triggers a gag reflex, or we are unaware of it, or we think that we already have all bases covered by brushing our teeth.  It is true that brushing your teeth will help prevent gum disease and remove some mouth bacteria, but not all. For example, did you know that your tongue harbors the majority of bacteria in your mouth?

When you think about it, bacteria created by eating and daily living is likely to adhere more easily to the crevices on the tongue than the smooth surface of tooth enamel. If you are not brushing your tongue and removing this decay, it is redistributed over your tooth surfaces as soon as you finish brushing.

Avoid Toxin Redistribution and Improve Foods’ Taste

Brushing your tongue will not only greatly reduce the possibilities for tooth decay but  rout bad breath as well.  It will also prevent swallowing and redistributing bacteria into your system. Cleaning your tongue will also enhance the way food tastes. The correct way to brush your tongue is to use a soft brush (not your regular toothbrush) on the top and underside of your tongue. If this triggers your gag reflex, use a tongue scraper instead (available at your pharmacy) for the top of your tongue and rinse afterward to reach your tongue’s underside and to ensure all debris and particles are removed.

Your dentist can give you more tips on keeping your mouth healthy. If you do not have dental insurance but want to save money on discounted dental procedures, contact EDP Dental Plan at (631) 910-6052. It is never too late to save money on your dental checkups and more! Call us today!

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