Why EDP Dental Plans are Better Than Individual Dental Insurance

Everyone is trying to trim their household budgets in an effort to save money. One way you can curb extra spending is by reviewing your current individual dental insurance plan to make sure the cost of the plan justifies the value you receive from it. For an individual whose employer offers dental coverage, the monthly cost of this policy will likely add up to hundreds of dollars each year if not more. Yet the average individual sees their dentist twice a year and may have one or two cleanings during that period. The cost for their dental care often far exceeds their needs.

EDP Dental Plans vs Individual Dental Insurance

If you work the same scenario again using EDP’s Discount Dental Plan, individuals pay a modest annual fee and their cleanings, checkups and x-rays are discounted. And because EDP has the best dental practitioners in the state, chances are your dentist is already among them. So you’ll be saving money and receiving the same great dental services for less than you would pay each year if you belong to your employer’s dental insurance plan.

Those familiar with traditional individual dental insurance may know that coverage may not extend to specialist services such as root canal and implant surgeries and patients may have to pay entirely out of pocket for these procedures. With EDP Dental Plans, practitioners offer substantial discounts on procedures that traditional insurance plans may not cover.

For individuals seeking to save money there is no need to cut back on professional dental care. Enroll in the EDP Dental Plan- individual plans are just $149 a year or $14 a month (there is a one-time enrollment fee of $19). Click here to view our General Dentist Fee Schedule to see what you’ll save. It is a small price to pay for quality dental insurance that doesn’t break the bank! Call EDP at 1.800.777.1085 and get started today.

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