What You Should Do if You Lose Your Dental Insurance

lose your dental insurance

If you are one of the millions of Americans whose dental insurance has recently changed or become too expensive, low-cost dental plans are an ideal alternative. 

Those who buy dental insurance typically do so to keep their teeth, gums and mouth healthy without having to pay excessive rates.  Unfortunately, the high cost of dental insurance is not only measured in dollars and cents; limitations, waiting periods and gaps in coverage are just a handful of its drawbacks.

EDP dental plans grant access to many quality dental professionals and promote a wide range of services with up to 70% savings.  Dental plans are the optimal alternative to dental insurance, as they provide significant discounts without the difficulties of cumbersome claim forms or restrictive yearly allowances.

To save up to 70% on your next dentist visit, enroll with EDP today.  Dental plan enrollment can be completed with our online registration form or by calling a service representative at (631) 272-5230.

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