How to Make Pediatric Dentistry More Affordable (For Your Family)

Pediatric Dentistry

Large families have household expense concerns. One health requirement that can quickly scuttle even the most carefully planned budget is providing regular dental treatment for their children. As they grow, our children develop dental conditions that must be carefully monitored. Children’s teeth are softer than adults’ and therefore prone to decay. EDP Dental Plans realizes how expensive it is to maintain a family’s dental health can be and offers these budget-friendly suggestions to provide optimal pediatric dental care.

Take that ounce of prevention. Sound dental hygiene practices cannot begin early enough. Even while nursing or bottle feeding, begin to wipe down the child’s gums with soft gauze or a moist washcloth after every feeding. As their teeth begin to come in, begin cleaning practices. There are toothbrushes that are designed just for babies, with very soft bristles and tiny heads to use in their mouths. There is no need for toothpaste as yet, just wet the brush with water and clean away any food residue after each feeding.

When Should Professional Pediatric Dental Care Begin?

When should children begin seeing their dentist? Colgate Oral Care recommends that they should have their first dental checkup by a pediatric dentist by the time they turn two. The children’s specialist will keep their teeth healthy by removing any plaque buildup or food debris that have accumulated on their teeth. This is important even if gauze and baby toothbrushes have been used, to ensure that any bacteria can be eliminated, avoiding dental diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease to form.

Implement routine pediatric dental care with increased pediatric dental care practices at home. Now is the time to begin flossing and brushing children’s teeth with toothpaste. Again, select one that has been formulated just for kids. It is also a good time to mention how their diet contributes to their overall well being and sound dental health. Avoid feeding children foods high in starch and sugar as these not only have no nutritional value, but also provide a base for decay and bacteria to form. Reduce the amount of fruit juice children drink by diluting it with water and making certain they do not go to sleep without having brushed away any juice or sweet snack residue.

Baby’s milk teeth are more important than many parents realize. Caring for baby teeth ensures gum health which provides a solid foundation for the permanent teeth that follow. Additional sound advice to parents with several children is to plan ahead. If either parent has a history of dental issues, such as crooked teeth or cavities, you should prepare yourself for your kids to have the same issues It may be time to examine both the families eating habits as well as open a savings account and put a few dollars away every month so that when older children require braces, the expense is covered all or in part.

While many parents would like to leave their children’s daily oral hygiene habits up to their children as early as possible,Parents Magazine recommends that children be supervised when they brush up to the age of 6. Even then, depending on the child, supervision is advised. By making the experience fun, it will seem like less of a chore. Be sure to avoid choking hazards by substituting Y-shaped plastic and string flossers instead of string floss. These tools now come in animal shapes to make this important daily habit less of a chore.

How to Make Pediatric Dental Care More Affordable

For families without dental insurance, the need to maintain dental health for children and adults can be easily compromised by the expense. It is recommended that everyone in the family see their dentist twice a year for cleanings and dental exams. Add to these visits the cost of x-rays, and likely the cost of braces for one or more child at the same time, and it is no wonder that many families forgo regular dental visits. The attitude that only when there is a dental issue such as tooth pain, is the right time to see the dentist is wrong. By the time pain becomes intolerant, tooth decay may require an expensive procedure, and the person’s physical well-being may also be compromised

It does not have to be that way. EDP Dental Plans, while not dental insurance, offers discounts to members through dentists and dental specialists who participate in our network. There are EDP Dental Plans designed for singles, couples and families. For a reasonable annual fee, which may be paid in monthly installments if preferred, our members have immediate access to a network of dentists and specialists who have met our demanding qualifications. Families especially benefit from our dental discount plans as there are no limits on the number of visits to the dentist in a calendar year, nor a waiting period for a procedure. There are no co-pays or paperwork either, just real savings of up to 60% for routine dental procedures and 25% discounts off the standard fee for procedures performed by a dental specialist.

Coverage is immediate. The services of specialists including pediatric dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, endodontists, oral surgeons and orthodontists, are discounted as well. Those on a fixed income or with limited means will appreciate viewing EDP’sSample Fee Schedule by zip code. This way members can readily see what they can expect to realize in savings.

EDP Dental Plans offers dental care solutions so that our members can more readily afford routine pediatric dental cleanings and checkups to preserve their children’s overall good health. EDP offers affordable family dental plans that include pediatric dental care, with instant activation. Find a participating dentist today and call 1.800.777.1085 or sign up online for immediate coverage.

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