Never Too Late: Braces for Adults

Braces for Adults are Discreet and Less Expensive Than Ever

Appearances are more important in business and in personal attraction than ever before. There have been numerous studies about job applicants with similar resumes. The applicant that is perceived to be more attractive usually gets the job offer. Perceptions of attractiveness include straight teeth and a perfect smile.

For this and many other reasons, it is not uncommon for adults to consider having their teeth straightened. If you have been thinking about having your crooked smile fixed, you are far from alone. In fact, adults make up nearly half of orthodontic patients today, each striving to achieve the straight teeth that will make a positive impression on their lives.

Since the turn of the century, braces have evolved considerably. The stigma of being the only kid in class with a “metal mouth” has given way to office workers and professionals who are discreetly wearing braces that are far more appealing in appearance. This makes the multiple  months of treatment more bearable.

Today’s Braces for Adults Offer Cosmetic Camouflage

Today’s braces can be metal, however their bands are much smaller than before and can be made of resin that matches the color of tooth enamel. Another popular choice is clear braces, however these may have more drawbacks than advantages for some. Clear braces’ brackets are prone to staining from coffee, red wine, colas and smoking. For those considering clear braces, perhaps giving up these habits for a couple of years is the way to go. Ceramic braces are also popular, as well as a progressive set of clear removable aligners which are changed as teeth straighten.

When you’ve made your decision to have braces later in life, an EDP Dental Plan can save you hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars on this procedure. EDP Dental Plans are not dental insurance. We are a discount dental plan.  Unlike most dental insurance, we offer considerable savings on specialist procedures that traditional dental insurance simply does not cover. If you do not have dental insurance and are thinking of looking into braces for adults, talk to EDP Dental Plan today! You and your perfect smile will thank us! Call 1.800.777.1085 and start saving today!

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