Affordable Dental Plans in Monroe County with EDP

For over a decade, EDP Dental Plans have provided thousands of members with access to high quality, affordable dental care. As such, EDP has become the dental plan of choice for Monroe County and the surrounding areas. EDP’s Dental Plans differ from most traditional dental insurance programs in that members can enjoy freedom from costly deductibles, aggravating waiting periods, endless claim forms and unfair exclusions or age limits. With an unlimited number of yearly visits, there’s no need to stress over the financial burden of dentistry. Here’s how it works. EDP offers “reduced-fee-for-service” inexpensive dental plans for individuals, couples and families. Members pay a specified fee for the dental services they receive, allowing them to save up to 60% on general dental services such as an adult cleaning, a porcelain crown, an anterior root canal, or simply a full mouth x-ray. If you need to see a participating specialist, such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists, pedodontists, endodontists and prosthodontists, treatments will be charged at a 25% reduction of the regular fees for your particular case. You’ll appreciate the annual savings!

EDP’s Dental Plans Make Dental Care Simple and Easy

In order to maintain a cavity-free mouth with fresh breath, and healthy gums, one must visit the dentist at least every six months. EDP enables you to enjoy low cost dental care with access to pre-screened dental professionals in the Monroe County area. In fact, your existing dentist may already be a part of the EDP Network. Monroe County residents can also be secure in knowing EDP is backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Since EDP Dental Plan strives to ensure that you make the best decision possible for oral health, if within the first 30 days of your membership purchase you are not able to realize cost savings after seeing a member dentist, we will gladly refund your membership fee. There’s no risk involved. Plan ahead your family’s dental health. Enroll online or call 1-800-777-1085 to speak with a knowledgeable EDP Representative today.

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