Affordable Dental Services in Middlesex County

Even cheap dental insurance doesn’t offer the same level of savings and range of benefits as an EDP Dental Plan. With EDP, you’ll take advantage of low cost dental care with access to a network of highly qualified dentists and specialists in Middlesex County. Members save up to 60% on regular dental fees and have access to a range of participating specialists. What means you can see a pediatric dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, periodontist, pedodontist, endodontist, or prosthodontist without hassle and at a discount. Not only is EDP convenient and easy to use, it’s affordable. Dental insurance requires regular payments, even if it goes unused.EDP’s low-cost annual membership pays for itself, often on the very first appointment. It provides discounts for individuals, couples, and families for virtually any dental procedure with no limit to the number of yearly visits. Unlike traditional dental insurance, EDP’s dental plans offer complete flexibility and freedom from costly deductibles, frustrating waiting periods and burdensome claim forms. You won’t be subjected to ridiculous exclusions or age limits either.

Cheap Dental Insurance Doesn’t Compare to EDP

EDP Dental Plan is a “reduced-fee-for-service” affordable dental plan where members pay a specified fee for the dental services they receive. Every plan requires a low-cost, one-time registration fee of $19. It’s $99 for singles, $179 for couples and $199 for families per year. For these small annual fees you can save up to 60% on general dental services, while treatments provided by a participating specialist are 25% off regular fees. Monthly plans require a minimum one-year contract, while multi-year commitments are offered at a reduced price. The EDP Dental Plan also offers the ability to choose your dentist from one of Middlesex County’s largest network of professionals. We’ve partnered with thousands of pre-screened and qualified dentists to assure the highest level of care. Many of our members have discovered that their current dentist already participates with EDP. You can also feel confident knowing that EDP is backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Families and Individuals in Middlesex County can enjoy excellent oral health and beautiful smiles without stress and worry. It’s easy to meet all of your dental needs at a nominal cost with EDP’s affordable dental plan. Enroll online or call 1-800-777-1085 to get started today.

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