Insurance vs. Discount Dental Plans

Insurance vs. Discount Dental Plans

Insurance is as American as apple pie. But just as apple pie may not be the best choice for your teeth, insurance may not be the best choice for your dental coverage. Maybe you weren’t previously aware that alternatives existed. Here are the differences between insurance and discount dental plans, so you can pick the best option.

How does dental insurance work?

Dental insurance companies charge premiums, which are flat monthly or yearly rates. The insurer pools all of this revenue and uses it to pay for each claim that an insured makes. Regardless of the vast number of people who visit the dentist, the insurance company still wins out. Its experts, known as actuaries, weigh the risks of insuring each plan member. Actuaries carefully calculate premiums to ensure that the company can cover all of its expected claims—and then some.

How do discount dental plans work?

You could compare an insurance company to a bank, and a discount plan to a credit union. While the insurance company’s primary goal is to make a profit, the dental plan strives to create a beneficial arrangement for both providers and patients. Dental professionals join the plan and agree to offer discounted fees. In exchange, they get exposure by being listed in the plan’s providers. The dental plan member pays a set fee, which is almost always far lower than insurance premiums. These “dues” allow the member to receive discounted dental rates from the providers in the “club. “

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