Individual Dental Plans Cost Less Than Your Yearly Netflix Membership

Individual Dental Plans

It is easy for many individuals to sign up without hesitation for an entertainment venue or a gym membership that advertises the service will cost only a few dollars a month. The hope is that by making that purchase they are setting themselves on the path to enjoyment and wellbeing, or fitness and improved health. Yet for something as important as dental care, they may weigh the pros and cons repeatedly before making the decision to enroll. Even when their employers offer health insurance and dental coverage, many opt out of carrying dental insurance, thinking that the expense is not worth it. However, many of those same individuals will sign up without hesitation for a discretionary expense, even if some of those memberships require that the annual fee be paid in one installment, or that there are additional fees when members renew.

Once an individual has paid entirely out of pocket for their dental services, even for routine cleanings and exams, and found that the cost is prohibitive, they may be wondering what other options are available to them. Or they may have heard about a dental insurance alternative, discounted dental plans, and wondered what the catch, if any, could be.

Are Individual Dental Plans Worth It?

It is understandable that there may be questions about enrolling in a plan to ensure their dental health. Based on their previous membership experiences, some might wonder if there are hidden fees or what is beneficial about individual dental plans. By doing a little research, they will learn that discount dental plans, such as EDP Dental Plans, while not dental insurance, offer their members quality, professional dental care at a reduced fee from their roster of participating dentists and other dental practitioners. Because EDP has high qualification standards, only the best local practitioners are selected. This means it is possible that an individual’s existing dentist is affiliated with EDP Dental Plans.

Through EDP, Individual dental plans’ benefits are considerable. One of the most important are the savings of up to 60% on routine dental procedures. This comprehensive coverage includes cleanings and checkups, braces, implants, crowns and veneers. While dental insurance does not generally cover procedures performed by a dental specialist such as an orthodontist, maxillofacial specialistperiodontist, endodontist, prosthodontist, pediatric dentist, or oral surgeon, an EDP Dental Plan provides these services from participating specialists at 25% off their regular fees.

Ever sign up for an annual gym membership then never go? Maybe that was not money well spent. That is not how our members feel about their individual dental plans through EDP. Reduced fees for dental services are just the beginning. Unlike dental insurance, there are no deductible charges at the dentist’s office, no forms to fill out, no restrictions by age or protracted waiting periods before dental work may be covered. In addition, everyone is accepted for membership and upon enrollment, one may seek dental services the very same day. There is no cap on services, either. That means there are unlimited yearly visits to the dentist or dental specialist of the individual’s choosing.

EDP Dental Plans makes it easy for everyone to gain access to quality dental care. In addition to individual dental plans, there are plans for couples and families as well. There are two ways to pay, too. Enroll and pay an entire year’s membership fee, or be billed in monthly installments. For those who opt for the monthly payment option, a minimum commitment of 12 months is required. New enrollments carry a one-time, non-refundable $19 registration fee, and other than membership, there are no renewal fees. With EDP Dental Plans there is no need for individuals to nickel and dime their dental health. And the money they save on their dental care can underwrite a Netflix or gym membership! For more information or to enroll call us at (800) 777-1085.

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