Foods to Avoid for Sensitive Teeth

Avoiding Food For Sensitive Teeth Issues

You bite into or sip a favorite treat and cause extreme nerve pain which makes enjoying these food items impossible. There are several reasons for this pain: receding gums, cracked or worn teeth or a broken filling. Our teeth become very sensitive when a nerve is exposed.  When experiencing this type of pain, be sure to see your dentist to rule out a broken tooth or filling or a need for periodontal work. In the meantime, you should also avoid certain foods and beverages that could also be causing the pain.

Here is a List of Foods to Avoid for Sensitive Teeth –

Hot and Cold Foods and Beverages

If drinking hot soup, coffee, tea or iced beverages such and ice cream trigger extreme tooth pain, consider using a straw when consuming them.  For soups, use a big soup spoon and blow on each spoonful before eating to reduce the temperature. 

Hard Foods

Crunching down on malt balls may not damage your teeth, but what about cold lozenges and other hard candies? Sticky foods such as honey, caramel and nougat can also not only cause nerve pain but also damage teeth and dental work such as fillings, bridges and braces.

Avoid Acidic Foods for Sensitive Teeth

Avoiding acidic foods is a good idea when your teeth react strongly to fresh cut lemons, lemonade, fruit-flavored soft drinks and even pickles!  Often overlooked from a dental health standpoint, is avoidance of foods for sensitive teeth that also cause acid reflux.

As we advised above, if tooth sensitivity has become an issue for you, see your dentist to rule out a broken tooth or filling or even gum disease. If you do not have health insurance, consider a discount dental plan for maintaining you and your family’s dental health.  Call our representatives at 631.272.5230 to learn more about our discount dental plans today!

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