Family Dental Plans – Why EDP Dental is Right for You

Family Dental Plans are a great money-saving option that can also provide peace of mind. For families that do not have a dental insurance plan offered through an employer, Family Discount Dental Plans are a great option. Or it may be that your dental insurance ceiling has been reached and you are seeking an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Through EDP Dental’s family-friendly Dental Plans you’ll experience 25-60% savings on almost every dental procedure. Unlike conventional dental insurance, EDP Dental Plans have flexible monthly and yearly plan options. No waiting period means you may see your in-network dentist the very day you sign up. EDP Dental Plans are family friendly from your youngest to the oldest family members, and there is no lengthy paperwork to fill out.

Benefits of Discount Family Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are an easy and reliable way to help you save money at the dentist. Here’s how EDP’s Family Dental Plans can work for you: Dentists participating in our network have agreed to perform services for our plan members at pre-negotiated rates.

Our Family Dental Plans will save you money while offering you and your family the quality dental care you need. Discount family dental plan members save on preventive treatments like cleanings and x-rays, and on major treatments like root canals and bridges.

. When you become a member of the EDP discount dental plan, you’ll pay the dentist directly when you go in for your appointment, but at a discounted rate. You don’t need to worry about filling out complex paperwork or waiting for reimbursements. As your family needs grow, know that EDP Dental Plans have specialists including pediatric dentists in our ever-growing network. Has an elderly parent joined your household? We can help you save significantly on dentures and root canals. In short, every member of your household can benefit from our Family Dental Plans.

EDP Dental Plans’ Family Dental Plans are a Great Option for Those Who:

  • Do not have dental coverage through their employment
  • Require immediate dental care
  • Have reached the maximum allowed annually by another dental program
  • Have existing or previous dental conditions
  • Want to save significantly on their family’s dental work

The best way to save on Family Dental Plans is to call EDP Dental Plans at (631) 651-1744 today. Our Family Dental Plan is $249 a year with a one-time registration fee of $19. Remember, there is no waiting period; you may start saving on your family’s dental work the day you sign up so get started today!

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