Brushing Your Teeth: Tips to Get Children Excited

brushing your teeth

As an adult, brushing your teeth is automatic. However, getting children to brush their teeth is a habit that takes time to build. Patience, persistence, and the following incentives can prove extremely helpful.

Novelty Toothbrushes

Children’s toothbrushes offer exciting colors, patterns, lights, and music. Some models incorporate a timer that tells kids when they can stop brushing. Electric toothbrushes are helpful for children whose hands are still developing.

Children’s Toothpastes

Brushing your teeth with the strong tastes of mint and cinnamon are great for freshening adult’s breath, but many little ones find them distasteful. Spearmint is milder and sweeter than peppermint. You can also try alternative flavors such as bubble gum and fruit. Good-tasting toothpaste encourages children to brush.

Plaque-Disclosing Tablets

These standbys have been around for decades. Children can chew a pink or red tablet, spit it out, and see where the dye clings to the plaque. This makes it easy to know where to brush and fun to see results.

Brushing Your Teeth Games

A fun song or a special toy reserved only for brushing time is a very easy way to get children to brush their teeth, as it gives them something to look forward to.


Encourage your kids to brush with positive reinforcement. Perhaps they can have a few minutes of story time after brushing in the evening. Or set up a bathroom chart where they can track their brushing progress and earn a special (non-sugary) treat each week or month.

Brushing your teeth is important. Don’t forget to be a good model by doing it at least twice per day. Your child’s lifetime of oral health depends upon a solid foundation, so be sure to take children for regular checkups. Save on those visits by enrolling in EDP Dental Plan – a discount dental plan that brings you savings of up to 70%. Call (631) 272-5230 or enroll online today.

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