Take Advantage of Affordable Dental Plans in Brooklyn with EDP

Enjoy low cost dental care with access to a network of highly qualified dentists and specialists in Brooklyn, NY. Take advantage of more than half off a full spectrum of regular dental services, as well as deep discounts on oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontic treatment and more. EDP provides price reductions for individuals, couples, and families on virtually any dental procedure with no limit to the number of yearly visits. Its low-cost annual membership pays for itself, often on the very first appointment. EDP’s affordable dental plans differ from most dental insurance programs. EDP members can enjoy freedom from costly deductibles, aggravating waiting periods, endless claim forms and unfair exclusions or age limits. EDP proudly puts into practice their founding philosophy that everyone should have access to high quality, affordable dental care. Both children and adults can reap the benefits of a cavity-free mouth with fresh breath, straight teeth and healthy gums. For over 10 years, we’ve provided thousands of members with just that. As a result, EDP has become the dental plan of choice for Brooklyn and the New York metropolitan area.

Cutting-Edge Low Cost Dental Care with EDP

Affordable dental plans are the ideal alternative to dental insurance because they lack many of the restrictions imposed by insurance companies and are much easier on your wallet. Brooklyn members can enjoy significant savings on dental bills, making it more attainable than ever to manage your, and your family’s oral health. Another reason to select EDP is the ability to choose your dentist from one of Brooklyn’s largest network of dental professionals. There are thousands of pre-screened and qualified dentists in the EDP Dental Network to assure the highest level of care. In fact, many of our patients have discovered that their current dentist already participates with EDP Dental Plan. You can also feel confident knowing that EDP is backed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Brooklyn residents can enjoy quality and simplicity with EDP’s affordable dental plans. Meet all of your dental needs at a fraction of the regular cost. Plan for the future with the best dental plan for you and your loved ones. Locate a participating EDP dentist today. Enroll online to enjoy unparalleled low cost dental health care or call 1-800-777-1085.

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