What is the Best Dental Insurance Available?

best dental insuranceWith a steady increase in the cost of dental care and no ebb in demand for dental services, many acquire insurance, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. But even the best dental insurance policies can burden the insured with a unique set of difficulties and unreasonable costs. Medicare, a federally administered system of health insurance available to persons aged 65 and over, covers almost no dental care, while Medicaid benefits, a federally funded health care program for the needy, are typically just for emergencies. Private dental insurance policies enact unfair waiting periods and age limits, require the submission of claim forms and Cause members unnecessary stress.

The best dental insurance isn’t actually considered insurance at all; it’s called a “dental plan.”

Dental plans are a dental insurance alternative, promoting preventive services, providing discounts on advanced services, and shielding members from the full cost while doing so. Dental plans are a simple, and inexpensive alternative to even the best dental insurance available.

EDP Dental Plans provide an inexpensive means for an individual, couple, and family coverage. These plans cost just $149 year for individuals, $199 for couples, and $249 for families, plus a one-time registration fee of $19. From routine check-ups to oral surgery, EDP provides discounts of up to 60%, making it easy to maintain a healthy smile.

The best dental insurance isn’t insurance at all. To learn more about EDP Dental Plans, ask questions or enroll, call a friendly EDP representative at 1.800.777.1085 today or fill out our easy registration form. Sign up, make an appointment with your participating dental care provider and experience the freedom, affordability, and peace of mind provided by EDP Dental Plans.

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