The Benefits of Brushing Your Tongue

Brushing Your Tongue

Brushing, flossing and regular dentist visits may already be an important part of your regular oral health and hygiene routine, but are you aware that brushing your tongue is just as essential? 

Here are the benefits of brushing your tongue: 

Banish Bad Breath

  • Your minty mouthwash is only a temporary fix for bad breath.  Instead, brush your tongue to uproot bacteria and eliminate bad breath.

Take Care of Tooth Decay

  • No matter how thoroughly you brush, ignoring the moist bacteria hotbed on your tongue can allow destructive microorganisms to travel and cause damage to your teeth and gums, possibly causing diseases like gingivitis.

Fix Fungal Infections

  • Brushing or scraping the tongue can help remove particles before they turn into a fungal infection.

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Stop Strep Throat

  • Eliminating bacteria at the source prevents it from traveling down your throat; this can help prevent strep throat and or cold symptoms from making you sick.

Stave Off Stroke and Heart Disease

  • Tiny blood vessels in your mouth called capillaries can serve as a direct pathway for microbes to enter your bloodstream.  Keeping your tongue clean can help stop bacteria in its tracks.

Discourage Digestive Disorders and Ulcers

  • Good oral care goes much further than just the mouth; just as bacteria can travel down the throat, it is also capable of entering the stomach, causing indigestion or ulcers.

Prevent Plaque

  • Soft plaque is composed of bacterial byproducts which are produced by the tongue and move to the teeth.  If soft plaque is not cleaned within 12 hours, it becomes hard plaque.  Regular tongue care can greatly reduce the threat of both plaque types.

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